Awesome and Unique Design Ideas for Birthday Cakes in Singapore

No birthday party will ever be complete if there is no cake. While everyone got their own preferences and some might not really like birthday cakes at all, more often than not, a frosted confection is something that most people can never resist. However, it doesn’t mean that birthday cakes Singapore has to offer have to be dull and boring. This is the perfect time to forget about your usual birthday cake recipes and welcome new, easy, and innovative cake design ideas to take your birthdays to the next level!

Nutella Ferrero Rocher Birthday Cake
Most of you wouldn’t hesitate to enjoy a tablespoon of Nutella whenever you get the chance so it is a no brainer that the Nutella Ferrero Rocher birthday cake is something that people would love to try. With its rich layers of brownie sponges, cookie dough, cookies and cream, chocolate drip, Nutella buttercream, and mini cones of Ferrero Rocher, a slice of this birthday cake is guaranteed to hit the spot.

Chicken and Burger Birthday Cake
A lot of people, young and old alike, are big fans of fast food. So, it is not surprising that even high end supermodels would never think twice to strike a pose with their favorite junk foods. This chicken and burger birthday cake, however, is much healthier because you know that this one is baked and not fried. This cake is made up of popcorn biscuit bone fried chicken, brownie fudge, shortbread cookie chips dipped in chocolate cheese and ketchup, doughnut brownie burger, big moist sponge layers, and more than enough frosting to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Pink Flamingo Birthday Cake
The pink flamingo birthday cake looks as gorgeous and stunning as a real life flamingo. But, what makes this pink flamingo cake better than real flamingo is that it is something you can eat and enjoy as much as you want and there is no need for you to worry about taking care of it for a long time. A favorite among ladies and girls alike, this cake is made from handmade lovely and light chocolate flavors combined with chocolate pearls, popcorn, and macarons.

Salted Caramel Birthday Cake
Everyone is a big fan of salted caramel and there is simply no question about that. The delish flakes of sea salt takes the magic potion of gooey salted caramel to the next level as it drips over the chocolate cake with popcorn, macarons, salted caramel pearls, and Rolos. You can be sure that not a single crumb of this cake will be left after a birthday party.

Lady Red Velvet Birthday Cake
There is something alluring with red velvet that this is one of the best birthday cakes Singapore you can get. With red velvet mini cupcakes and cupcakes, brownie fudge balls, piped buttercream flowers, and white chocolate pearls, no lady or even gent can say no to this.

Yes, gone are the days when birthday cakes in Singapore need to be plain and simple. Try these new cake ideas and take your birthday parties to a whole new level!

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