Gag Gifts you Can Give to your Friends

Apart from finding halal restaurants in new york, it is always hard to think about a gift to anyone. More so if you want to give them a funny gift. Because admit it or not, funny gifts are usually the remarkable ones. Of course, you want your friends to remember you whenever they are using your gift. This holiday season, people are stressed about thinking what the best gift for their friends would be. Below are ideas of gag gifts that you can give to your friends.

Statement shirt or mugs
Statement shirt or mugs are always a good idea. People love witty clap-backs or funny remarks. Make it more personal by matching the lines to the personality of your friends. Or order a personalized statement shirt or mugs.

Weird novelty items
Have you seen a fish slipper? Or a stress ball that looks like a male sexual organ? You would be surprised how wide your options are when it comes to weird novelty items. They might not be very useful, or sometimes they can be offensive, but there are a lot of weird novelty gifts that are in the market.

Adult board game
Who says that board games are only for children? We have now a lot of board games that are for adults only. Board games are evolving, and they are making a lot for their adult fans. Who would miss out a good game of Card against humanity while drinking right?

Stickers for grown ups
There are set of stickers in the market that called “stickers for grown up”. These stickers has statement to celebrate a minor milestone for your adulthood. You can put this on your planner or your table calendar.

Custom face socks
Imagine, giving your friend a sock but instead of cute design, you will have it with their funny faces? That would be a sure win. Your friends will surely remember you for giving them socks with their faces. You will all laugh about it and probably, you will all wear it during the party.

Towels with funny prints
You know you are adulting when you are starting to appreciate gifts for home. But how about giving your friends towels with funny statement or funny print? These are useful and people would easily appreciate it.
Drinking Glass with snarky remarks
Drinkers would appreciate this, especially women. Glasses with snarky remarks are very in character and something that a woman would enjoy. For them, it is actually something that they would say when they already had their multiple glasses of drinks.

It is really difficult finding a perfect gift. You would always want to think about the items you want to give and avoid being offensive. You also don’t want to be generic. So it is always better to based your gift with the personality of the recipient. What are the items they would enjoy? Personalized items are always number 1 when it comes to gifts because it represents an item that was well thought of. Funny gifts are good especially if you want to be remembered.

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