How Cheongsam in Singapore has Changed Over the Years

Introduction: What is a Cheongsam?
A cheongsam is a type of Chinese dress that was popularised during the 20th century. The cheongsam is the quintessential outfit for a traditional Chinese woman. It encapsulates the Confucian values of modesty and order, while also displaying modernity and elegance. More than just a dress, it is an icon of culture that has transcended borders. It closely resembles the qipao, but tends to be more form fitting and have an embroidered waistline.

The cheongsam originated in China and is still worn today by many women of various ages in Singapore and many parts of the world. It is typically made of silk, with the collar being the most distinguishing detail. The cheongsam ranges in style greatly depending on where it was made and who made it. The most common style has a mandarin collar and side slits that extend to just below the knee. These dresses are often heavily embroidered with floral designs and can be fitted or loose-fitting, depending on what culture they come from.

Cheongsam Variations Over the Years
Cheongsam gowns are often seen as an elegant clothing choice for women, as it is considered to be an informal yet chic outfit for any occasion. The cheongsam has taken on different stylings over time. The original style, called the changshan or chongshan, was introduced in Shanghai in 1919 and was essentially a dress with narrow trousers sewn into it. This style became popular because of its ability to accommodate various styles of shoes that could be worn with it. Nowadays, many people are interested in redefining the modern cheongsam singapore style. The trend has become more popular since the 1990s and 2000s. Since then, many different styles of cheongsams have emerged, such as cross-over style and low cut style etc., which are all different from the original version.

Over the decades, the look evolved to include high slits or slits up to knee-length, tight bodices, full sleeves and back cinches along with petticoats under them to create an A-line shape. Most dresses are sleeveless or have short, puffed sleeves. The fabric is usually lightweight and flowing. Dresses are often worn with a cropped bolero jacket or cardigan sweater to provide additional coverage to the arms and torso area. Some styles of cheongsam incorporate traditional Chinese designs such as embroidered dragons, flowers or paisleys.

Modern Stylings of Cheongsam
A modern cheongsam takes the traditional design of the cheongsam and combines it with Western elements. This can be seen in the type of fabric that these dresses are made out of, as well as the shortened length. There are many different modern types of cheongsams that are now available for you to choose from. These stylings include cross-over cheongsams that have a more elegant and feminine feel even though they still have a traditional feel to them. This is because they have a higher waistline and more fabric around the hips. Although the modern cheongsam looks rather different from its traditional counterpart, it still has many of the same qualities. The fabric is usually silk or polyester with a tight fitting bodice and full skirt that hugs the hips.