Is There a Faster Way to Accomplish your Goals?

Before you find out whether or not there is a faster and better way to get from wherever you are to where you want to be, you have to understand whether or not finding a better way is necessary at all. For example, decide if you need to find a better way if you want to go to Manchester to find halal restaurants in manchester.  Next, take out a piece of paper or open a note writing software on your smartphone and write or type the question, “Am I on the right track?”.

Keep asking yourself all the corollary questions linked to this question as well. If you have sufficiently developed the discipline to always self reflect with the set of questions from the previous chapter, then you qualify to ask the next question, “Is there a better, faster way?”.

Ask it at first not with the intention of actually finding a better, faster way that you will eventually switch to from your current chosen path, but with a curious desire to know. That is why the nature of this next question is a Yes or No question – “Is there a better, faster way?”

If the answer is ‘Yes’, what are they? What are these better, faster ways? How can you switch to these better, faster ways without compromising the rate at which you’re achieving the milestones to your goals?

If the answer is ‘No’, then focus only on the path that you have already selected and ask yourself, “How can I further improve the way I presently do things in order that I can get the results I want faster?”

Whichever your answer, Yes or No, here is a set of questions designed to get you thinking about how you can use the power of leverage and networking to better generate the results you desire in a better, faster way:
– Who are the people who have the skills, expertise and abilities that I envy or wish I have, that if I too possess them, I would be able to get what I want faster?
– Who amongst my friends, family or acquaintances has the potential to help me get what I want faster, in such a way that can make things easier for me and free me up from tasks I don’t want to do?

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