The Bare Essentials About Professional Emcees

Introduction: What is an Emcee or MC?

An Emcee or MC is a person who has the responsibility of presenting a show, usually in front of an audience. He or she is usually the person who introduces the performers, entertains with jokes, and provides commentary to the audience. An emcee can also be a person who comments on speakers or performers at a public event, such as a lecture, concert, or ceremony. An emcee is responsible for the smooth running of a show. They are expected to be knowledgeable about the event and provide a good show. A good emcee will be able to keep the audience engaged and entertained, while also being able to maintain a professional appearance.

Some of the Most Popular Uses of an Emcee or MC in Singapore

Emcees are often used at conferences, weddings, and other events where there are large numbers of people in attendance. Here are some of the most popular uses of an emcee or MC in Singapore:

1) Host for a charitable event

2) MC at social functions

3) MC at wedding ceremonies

4) MC at corporate events

5) Speaker and entertainer during the opening and closing ceremonies of public events and sporting tournaments

6) Host for a comedy show, concert or series of concerts in Singapore

The Difference Between Hiring a DJ vs. Hiring an Emcee or MC

The DJ is the person who will be playing music at your event. They are responsible for the vibe of your event and they will also be announcing when it’s time to cut the cake, do a toast, etc. The Emcee or MC is the person who presents at your event. They are responsible for telling everyone about what’s going on and keeping them entertained.

DJs are typically cheaper than an Emcee or MC but they don’t provide as much entertainment value as an Emcee or MC does. DJs only announce what’s happening during a wedding reception, like cutting the cake or doing a toast, which can make for a boring time if you’re not interested in these activities. An Emcee or MC provides more entertainment value because they’re constantly making announcements

How to Find a Qualified Emcee In Your Area

Finding a qualified emcee in your area can be difficult. The internet is full of unqualified or inexperienced people claiming to be professional emcees. If you are looking for an experienced and professional emcee, then you should follow these steps:

1) Make sure the person has experience in the field.

2) Check their reviews online.

3) Ask for references from previous clients or events they have worked at.


An emcee is usually a person who introduces and comments on speakers or performers at a public event. An emcee or MC is a person who has the primary responsibility of keeping the audience entertained with jokes, anecdotes, and commentary. If you are interested to learn more about hiring a professional emcee for your next event, check out Singapore emcee Wayne Chan.