Tips to Score the Best Halal Bookings in Hotels

Most travelers still choose hotels are their top option for accommodation to serve as their home away from home. If you are searching for the best hotels, there are a few hacks you need to know to score awesome halal bookings and find a halal restaurant that make your trip simply unforgettable.

Contact the Hotel Directly
If you want to save money, it is recommended to book directly with your chosen halal hotel singapore or any other country has to offer. However, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use online booking websites, though. These sites can help you research about available options for hotels and compare their prices. Through this research, you can contact the hotel and inquire about their rates. Most of the time, the direct quote coming from the hotel will be cheaper than that from agents who usually include their commission to the prices. Reaching out to the hotel directly increases your chances of getting the best deal. And if you are lucky, they could even offer an upgrade or discount based on their current booking status. There are direct bookings that also come with loyalty points so even if this is your first time to visit, you might end up with a regular go-to option in this part of the globe.

Be Friendly and Polite All the Time
Another great tip for halal bookings in hotels is to say it out loud whenever you need something. It always pays off to be polite and hotels usually oblige to their guests’ minor requests. You might also want to be more familiar with the staff of the hotel and be friendly to them as you do so. Since they are locals, they can be your best sources of information regarding your decision such as looking for halal restaurants in central london . On top of that, being nice will likely get you better service.

Opt for Longer Halal Bookings
You can increase your chances of getting a better deal if you book for a longer duration. If you have plans to stay in a specific destination, particularly in a place where it might be a bit tricky to find Muslim-friendly hotels, you might need to spend time searching for halal accommodations. If this is the case, it will be easier to just stay in the same hotel during your trip. The hotel will also be more willing to give discounts since it is easier to just have the same guests stay in instead of giving this out to several guests.

Inform the Hotel of Special Events or Occasions
If your trip falls within a special event such as anniversary or birthday, it might be great to subtly highlight it during your check in or you can even let the hotel know ahead of time. The best hotels don’t just offer accommodation to guests because they also make it a point that their guests will have a wonderful time. If you inform them of the event, they might even prepare a special surprise for you, like a cake, a gift, or an upgrade if you are lucky.

These are just some of the best hacks for halal bookings to make the most out of your stay in your chosen hotel.

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